Whole Health Doctors Being Recognized as Top Doctors

Medical Aesthetic Treatments in Alexandria, VA

Whole Health doctors are recognized as Top Doctors in Virginia and will appear as guest experts on the Top Doctors – A New Me Medical interviews which can be seen on CNN, Fox, Bravo and MSNBC!
Dr. Roberts is recognized as one of the Top Doctors for her Medical Esthestic Treatments and being the FIRST doctor in the Washington DC area offering the latest award winning i-Lipo Fat Reduction Treatment.  Dr. Owen is recognized for successfully treating hundreds and thousands of patients with chronic conditions using acupuncture.
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Introducing i-Lipo Laser Weight Loss!



i-LIPO Laser Fat Reduction Treatment clinically proven to reduce up to 30% of fat in the targeted area after just one treatment!  Targeted fat reduction in abdomen, thighs, upper arms and chin.  Typically a 2-12 CM loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved with one treatment!
 Let us help you to lose 1-2 dress sizes safely and quickly with the award winning i-Lipo treatment! Make your appointment today.
iLipo on the Ricki Lake Show – please click below:


I-lipo laser treatment for weight loss before after - Alexandria, VA

Whole Health Center is devoted to “Natural and Whole Body Health Care” to heal you naturally and beautify you organically.

Whole Health’s commitment to the environment is reflected in our interior design, natural and non-invasive treatments, award-winning organic products that we use, and a full range of “green” business practices. Our goal is to create a personalized and whole body natural treatment plan for each individual.

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We are committed to a full range of traditional Chinese medicine treatments, herbal medicine and combinations with the latest modern technology. We offer the following services:

  • Chinese Medicine and Holistic Treatments
  • Traditional Western Medicine
  • Med Spa and Anti-Aging Treatments
  • Whole Health Holistic Weight Loss Program
  • Whole Health Total Wellness

In addition to the Whole Health programs, we can customize a special program to fit your needs! At Whole Health Center, our wellness programs are built with your whole health in mind!