Amazing Healing of Arthritis

by admin on July 29, 2011

Ten years ago, after becoming nearly immobile from pain caused by arthritis in my knee, I had surgery.  Not only did the pain in that knee return, but I began experiencing severe pain and cramps in both my knees, legs, feet, and toes. It wasn’t unusual for me to take up to eight ibuprofen tables each day.

When the pain and accompanying cramps prevented me from sleeping at night, I made a decision to try acupuncture. About that time, I learned of the opening of Dr. Owen’s practice and made an appointment with him.

After only one treatment that included moxa, the pain subsided.

The change in my lifestyle is amazing – I’ve haven’t been awakened by pain, I’m able to sleep through the night, and I haven’t taken pain killers. In fact, I was able to get on my hands and knees to clean my kitchen floor – something that would have caused excruciating pain a month ago.

Thanks to Dr. Owen, my pain is under control.

However, I plan to continue acupuncture because of the general well-being that I feel as the result of the treatments.

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