My arthritic knees and circulation due to Type 2 Diabetes Improved!

by admin on March 27, 2012

I was recommended to Dr. Liao by my wife who, after suffering for years with
chronic neck and shoulder pain, was treated with acupuncture. The amazing results
that she experienced lead me to receive treatment for my arthritic knees and circulation
issues brought on by Type 2 Diabetes.
! After two sessions with Dr. Liao, I have noticed greatly increased circulation in
my legs as well as an almost total diminution of pain in my knees. These results have
allowed me to be more active; getting more pain-free walking into my daily routine which
greatly helps in controlling my diabetes.
! Not being a stranger to acupuncture, I found Dr. Liao’s touch to be gentle yet
firm. His attention is direct, confident and optimistic which greatly aids the healing
process. I look forward to my sessions with Dr. Liao and highly recommend his services
for those in discomfort and dissatisfied with conventional approaches for relief.
Derek T. Havens

D.T. Havens Associates

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