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by admin on June 1, 2012

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7/20/2012 – Acupuncture On Mood, Energy, Aches & Pains, Allergies, Hot Flashes, Migraines and Weight Loss! I purchased the Groupon to try acupuncture with Dr. Owen Liao.  Ever since my initial appointment, I have been returning for regular treatments for acupuncture because I’ve had such wonderful results.   With regular treatments, I’ve had terrific improvements in my mood, energy, aches & pains, allergies, plantar fasciitis, stiff neck, menopause hot flashes, migraines and even a bonus: weight loss!  For the stiff neck and plantar fasciitis, he treated me with acupuncture and then moxa.  Immediately after treatment I noticed an improvement in both.  Within 2-3 days, I had almost an 80% improvement.  Today it remains at 99% improved!  My hot flashes have virtually disappeared!  The migraines I’ve have since age 16 have drastically improved.  I normally take year-round allergy medication.  Now I don’t take any!  In my 50s and playing about 5 soccer games a week, I usually have sports injuries with various aches and pains.  Each problem that comes up improves or disappears with treatment.  My husband also sees Dr. Liao with excellent results as well. I also just began seeing Brigitte Wiss for reflexology treatments after my husband recommended her.  I love the results!…renewed energy, positive attitude and a sense of peacefulness.  She is a wonderful professional who truly cares about healing.  She spent extra time with us to describe her treatments.  And she goes above and beyond just an office visit…you feel truly spoiled after her treatment.  I was amazed at the sense of well being I experienced after both visits.My husband and I are huge fans of both Dr. Liao and Brigitte.  We recommend them to all of our friends.  The next time my parents visit from Florida, I plan on treating them too! 7/17/2012 – I lost 3 inches!! I always work out and take care of my body, but I couldnt get ride of my love handles. I did the fat laser treatment, it really worked. I lost 3 inches!! I feel great and my love handles are gone. To those people that are doing the treatment you have to keep in mind that this treatment is a boost for you to enhance your results, if you do not eat properly or exercise nothing you do is going to work. I also used the Yoga belly cream, I highly recommend it. I have used way too many products form different countries and brands, and this creams is fantastics, it helps burn fat faster and makes your skin smooth. Overall I had a great experience at whole health medical center. All their staff was very knowledgeable about everything concerning health and very friendly. – Romina A, Ashburn, VA http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=W6UTrjtS_y7Defu8sUWyFg 5/27/2012 – I was amazed at the results! I visited Whole Health on two occasions for Laser Lipo using Groupon. I was very impressed with Rose and Victor.  I was told by Rose that I was a star client after responding so well to the Laser Lipo; after two visits, my Belly Fat measured 33cm.  I was amazed at the results! I also felt a tightness in my stomach area, this was felt after spending 30 Minutes on the exercise bike. The combination of the Laser, and the bike exercise made me feel great.  I want to thank Rose in particular for her professionalism and caring spirit, her attitude with my success put a smile on my face. I would recommend Whole Health Med Center for Laser Lipo. Chris M, Washinton DC http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=3mh_-l0otn70QfCKajs9cw 5/4/2012 – I am a Notorious Skeptic of Everything! First let me say that I am a notorious skeptic of everything.  However, I let one of my co-workers talk me into an ETPS treatment (needleless acupuncture) and it was amazing.  I had a lot of pain and very little range of motion in my right wrist (computer mouse overuse and arthritis).  After ONE treatment I could move my wrist through a full clockwise rotation.    Now I have full rotation clockwise and counterclockwise and can do beautiful wrist circles in my bellydance class!  I am now a believer. – Lynne E, Alexandria, VA http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=M1z5eLpAKTMu8yiqs1njBQ 6/15/2012 – Whole Health Partners with NBC to Exhibit at the First Ever Spa & Beauty Expo in Washington DC http://www.freeprnow.com/pr/whole-health-partners-with-nbc-to-exhibit-at-the-first-ever-spa-beauty-expo-in-washington-dc 6/11/2012 – Whole Health Medical Center Launches Lipo B Slim Supplement to Lose Fat Naturally http://www.freeprnow.com/pr/whole-health-medical-center-launches-lipo-b-slim-supplement 2/24/2012 – Orchid Aesthetics Partners with Whole Health Wellness Center & Medspa in Soho, NY http://www.freeprnow.com/pr/orchid-aesthetics-partners-with-whole-health-wellness-center-medspa-in-soho-ny 2/24/2012 – Whole Health Medical Center Partners with US Patent Office as Corporate Wellness Provider http://www.freeprnow.com/pr/whole-health-medical-center-partners-with-us-patent-office-as-corporate-wellness-provider 2/24/2012 – Whole Health Doctors being Recognized on Top Doctors TV Show http://www.freeprnow.com/pr/whole-health-doctors-being-recognized-on-top-doctors-tv-show 12/21/2011 – Medical Massage Works! This review is for medical massage with Glenn. I first went to Whole Health last spring on a discount deal and luckily was assigned to Glenn Low.  I had several areas of injury with chronic very longstanding pain issues that I asked him to address.  I was used to full body deep tissue massage so I was surprised when he asked me to pick top half or bottom half of body.  Once he began to work, I saw why.  Certified in medical massage, his knowledge of muscle anatomy was amazing and he approached each problem area by working on all muscles in the surrounding area repeatedly til he zeroed into the area of pain.  He found knots that I didn’t even know were a problem.  He additionally did needle free accupuncture (an electronic treatment).  After several treatments I realized that two of the very longstanding chronic areas were pain free – one never returned, the second stayed pain free for weeks.  Deep massage has been the only thing that relieves my discomfort but only lasts for 1-2 days – so I was amazed with the long lasting effects of Glenn’s massage.  Two very important points, though:  1.  He asks you to tell him when the pressure gets above a 2 (on a scale of 1-10) and this is important.  He needs that feedback to know that he’s in the proper range of pressure (too low and there’s no benefit, too high and the muscle cramps up and fights). 2. When he tells you to drink a bottle of water hourly for 3-4 hours, you need to listen!  I once forgot and awoke in the middle of the night with cramping and felt poorly for the next day.  His deep tissue massage removes lots of toxins and if they are not flushed away, you can feel flu-like symptoms as a result.  If he has worked one area intensely, you may feel some skin tenderness short term, so ask him if ice or heat therapy would help.  I’ll happily put up with some short term discomfort  for such great long term improvement. – L.B., Alexandria, VA http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=_ONcILqwEFCzKh5flwHqNg

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