Spa Week Reviews Whole Health

by admin on September 19, 2011

As a part of the Spa Week Sneak Peak, I had the opportunity to try the Rooibos Antioxidant Organic Facial Treatment with Head Massage at the Whole Health Medspa in Alexandria, Virginia.  Never having experienced a facial before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, except the green mask you see in movies.

But, once I met Tysha, I was instantly put at ease.  She carefully explained the different steps to a facial: the Eucalyptus Cleanse, the Hydrating Mist, the Rosehip Exfoliating Mask, the Mandarin & Rooibos Antioxidant Mask, the Stone Crop Serum, the Moisturizer, and the Eye Cream and Lip Balm to end.  I bet you didn’t know there were so many parts to a facial, did you?

I was amazed that they also tailor your facial to what would be best for your skin – they offer an array of different products for the dry, oily, acne, or normal skin.  And, each of their Eminence products are handmade from organic Hungarian ingredients of herbs and fruits.  It was a terrific way to be introduced into the world of facials, and my skin is still soft and smooth from the care it received.  I would highly recommend asking for Tysha, if you ever visit the Whole Health Spa – she is so friendly and knowledgeable; and, especially if you’re going for your first facial, she will completely set you at ease!

But, Whole Health Medspa doesn’t just offer facials, they have a variety of different services.  As one of the largest facilities in the Washington and New York metropolitan areas devoted to “natural and whole body health care,” their services reflect a more organic and natural approach to spa treatments.  (The DC location has serviced over 3,000 clients this year!)  You can find everything from Chiropractic Care and Reflexology to Laser Treatments and Nutrition Education!  Glenn is their Medical Massage Therapist who helps many who suffer from back pain.  He has an in-depth knowledge of your 600+ muscles in your body, and enjoys sharing his wealth of information with his patients.

The Whole Health Medspa also runs an online store that offers many products that help their clientele maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You can find find their ointments and facial treatments that they use at their spa.  And, if you text LIVING to 72727 you’ll receive a $10 DISCOUNT CODE.  Or, you can print this page and take it into the Medspa with you to get $10 off all in-store natural, organic health and beauty products.


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