Dr. Dan Li

Dr. Dan Li is a licensed acupuncturist and research scientist. Dr. Li has worked as a research scientist focusing on Immunology, Vaccine and Toxicology at FDA/Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research; She has also worked as a research scientist on Neurotoxicology and Pharmacology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Division of Experimental Therapeutics. Dr. Li also worked as a Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellow at NIH/NIDDK (Genetics, Molecular Biology & Neuroscience) previously.

Dr. Li specializes in using both traditional acupuncture and the advanced Floating Needle technique in treating acute/chronic pains, depression, gynecological disorders, infertility and spinal disorder.

She is consistently researching effective and innovative treatments for  chronic disorders. At the same time, she  is focused on developing a wellness strategy by heavily employing prevention concepts. Furthermore, Dr. Li utilizes her years’ research in incorporating the latest technology in her healing capabilities. Dr. Li has effectively treated many neurological disorders, including spine injuries, scoliosis, bamboo spine, sciatica, shingles, concussion, neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Her most exciting and unique treatment methods including Floating Needle Technique in treating chronic pain patients and DDS Bio-Electric Energy Therapy which stimulates the central nervous system to release endorphins. Patients can feel an instant relief of pain. The treatment can also help in bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect healing from within.